Swisher Sweets Cigars


The Swisher Sweets Legend premium cigarillos are crafted from the finest tobacco and finished with a natural leaf wrapper. Their naturally smooth finish and slow burn make them an experience as unique and memorable as those who smoke it.

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Banana Smash 2pk .99, BLK Berry 2pk, BLK Berry 2pk .99, BLK Cherry 2pk, BLK Cherry 2pk .99, BLK Grape 2pk, BLK Grape 2pk .99, BLK Smooth 2pk, BLK Smooth 2pk .99, BLK Wine 2pk, BLK Wine 2pk .99, Blueberry 2pk .99, Classic/reg 2pk .99, Classic/reg 2pk 1.19, Diamond 2pk .99, Grape 2pk .99, Green 2pk, Green Sweet 2pk, Green Sweet 2pk .99, Honey Banana, Passion Fruit, Peach 2pk .99, Strawberry 2pk .99, Tropical Fusion 2pk .99, White Grape 2pk .99, Wild Rush 2pk .99